Haden 25L 900w Microwave – High-powered, Versatile And Stylish Microwave Oven With Advanced Features And Large Capacity – Multi Stage Cooking – Child Safety Lock


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  • Versatile Power Settings: The Haden 25L 900W Microwave offers 10 power levels allowing you to customize the cooking process to suit a variety of dishes. Whether you’re heating leftovers cooking a meal or defrosting frozen food this countertop microwave has you covered.
  • Efficient Cooking Programs: With 6 auto cook presets this microwave oven takes the guesswork out of cooking. Simply select the appropriate preset for your dish and let the compact microwave do the rest. It’s a perfect feature for those who value convenience in their kitchen.
  • Speedy Defrost Function: The speed defrost feature of this microwave oven ensures that you can safely and quickly defrost frozen food saving you time and making meal preparation more efficient.
  • Safety First: The Haden 25L 900W Microwave is designed with a child safety lock providing peace of mind for families with young children. You can ensure that your stainless steel interior microwave is not accidentally operated adding an extra layer of safety to your kitchen.
  • Advanced Features: This microwave oven is equipped with an LED display for easy viewing a timer for precise cooking and multi-stage cooking functionality that allows you to program your microwave to cook at different power levels for specified amounts of time. The Haden 25L 900W Microwave is more than just a microwave oven it’s a versatile kitchen companion.