Daewoo Mini Deep Fat Fryer SDA2324 Compact 1 Litre Oil Cooker With Removable Basket, Odour Filter, Adjustable Temperature Control, Chips, Chicken, Fish White


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  • 1L OIL CAPACITY – Create the perfect homemade fish and chips onion rings or even doughnuts for the whole family
  • COMPACT DESIGN – The fryer’s mini compact design makes it perfect for restricted kitchen space be that on the counter top or when it’s put away in a cupboard. Perfect for couples individuals or small families
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – The convenient adjustable temperature controls allows you to accurately set the temperature between 80°c and 190°c
  • ODOUR FILTER – The easy clean odour filter traps all the unwanted smells from frying; keeping your kitchen free from greasy smells
  • REMOVABLE BASKET – You can never be too sage when it comes to cooking with oil. The removable basket with a cool-touch handle ensures complete control when removing your food from the oil