Daewoo Digital Double Draw Air Fryer, With Sync Cooking Function To Match Draw Times, The Large 8 Litre Capacity Means It Is Suitable for A Variety Of Meal Sizes


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  • DUAL DRAWERS: Save time and effort in the kitchen by using both drawers at the same time to cook different dishes making meal preparation much more efficient and tea time with the kids hassle-free with delicious meals the whole family can enjoy
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The air fryer comes with a non-stick coating auto-shut off over-heat protection and a child safety lock system ensuring that you and your family are safe while using the Daewoo dual air fryer
  • SMART SYNC COOKING FUNCTION: The Sync Cooking function allows you to match the cooking times between the drawers ensuring that both dishes are cooked perfectly and are ready to serve at the same time
  • HEALTHIER MEALS: Our air fryer uses rapid air circulation technology to cook food evenly. The high-speed air circulation creates a crispy exterior while locking in moisture eliminating the need for oil and promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • VERSATILE COOKING: The air fryer is not just limited to cooking crispy chips and fries but you can also bake roast and dehydrate different types of food such as chicken fish vegetables and even cake
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Giving you peace of mind and ensuring you can rely on your Daewoo Air Fryer for years to come subject to registration