Cooks Professional Twin Dual Air Fryer – Digital Double Basket Large Fryers – Stainless Steel Energy Saving Fryer – Instant Air Fryer with Double Drawers – 8L Capacity (XL) – Black


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  • ENERGY-SAVING MARVEL: Cooks Professional dual air fryer trims your electricity bills thanks to its energy-saving technology. With cutting-edge digital display and customizable settings the double drawer air fryer becomes the embodiment of culinary excellence and energy-saving prowess.
  • DIGITAL DELIGHT: Meet your kitchen’s new best friend: the intuitive digital display of our instant air fryer. The dual basket air fryer lets you customise settings with ease and monitor your masterpiece in real-time. With fast air circulation and smart cooking features you’ll achieve precision cooking every time.
  • COOKING WITHOUT THE CHAOS: Bid farewell to meal prep stress with our convenient pre-set options. Whether you’re whipping up crispy fries succulent chicken or indulgent desserts our air fryers streamlines your cooking experience giving you more time to savour the flavours.
  • SAFETY BEYOND MEASURE: The double air fryer not only delivers delicious dishes but also ensures your peace of mind with overheat protection and an automatic shut-off feature. The anti-slip feet provide stability making the twin air fryer safe to use in any kitchen.
  • FEAST FOR THE FAMILY: Effortlessly feed the entire family with a 2 drawer air fryer’s impressive 8L capacity. With fast air circulation for even cooking smart syncing and matching cooking options you can prepare large satisfying meals with ease in Cooks Professional stainless steel air fryer dual basket.