Commercial and Household Ham Roller Grill Machine Mini Hot Dog Roller Grill Cooker Machine with Baking Tube, Baking Pan, Oil Pan for Burger patties, Teppanyaki,etc.


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  • 【Storage box design】The top storage box is designed with a flip-top cover which is user-friendly and can be used immediately after flipping. At the same time bread or baked hot dogs can be placed as required and the residual heat below can be used to achieve the effect of heat preservation and the design provides sufficient storage space frees hands and meets the requirements of enjoying delicious convenient and hygienic.
  • 【Stainless steel grill】The grill is equipped with 5 grilling tubes which are made of food-grade safe materials do not rust or release substances and can be disassembled which is safe and secure to use. Each time you use it you can put 8 small hot dog sausages and after the double switch is turned on the drum will automatically roll and heat in 360° and flip back and forth to make the sausage evenly heated.
  • 【Flat-bottomed baking tray】The product is equipped with stainless steel grill and alloy baking tray. This interchangeable tray design facilitates easy disassembly which is time-saving and efficient.
  • 【Oil receiving pan design】The pull-out oil receiving pan is made of alloy material which is easy to receive oil. When cleaning it can be wiped with a soft cloth in advance which is convenient for subsequent cleaning.
  • 【Dual independent switches:】The product is equipped with two rotary buttons the left button controls the temperature and the right button controls the power supply.