Cast Iron Griddle Plate for Gas Hob, Pre-seasoned Reversible Cast Iron Griddle Pan, Rectangular Plate Grooved to Drain Fats for Healthy Food Large Grill Pan & Steak Pan 51 Cm X 23 Cm


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  • WHY THIS CAST IRON GRIDDLE PLATE? Besto promises to provide the high quality solution for your health; this griddle pan is reversible (you can cook from both sides); grill on one side for baking searing meat or sizzling steak; flat surface for a delicious pancake omelet or fried eggs grooved to drain fats pre-seasoned handles available to hold easily
  • MOST IMPORTANT- PRIOR TO CHOOSE & FIRST USE: Before you choose any cast iron griddle plate read the instructions and process carefully; For the first preparation only wash the plate in hot soapy water using a soft sponge or dishcloth then rinse and dried; Do not allow your griddle pan to air dry or put away wet; Completely hand dry it before storing
  • COMPATIBILITY MATERIAL & CARE FROM RUST: This griddle Plate is made of 100% Cast iron that is why it is naturally heavy weight (so handle with care) & high vulnerable to get rust; to prevent from rust always wash by hand dry thoroughly do not put in the dishwasher or use detergents; the cast iron griddle plate can be used on all cooking surfaces except broiler microwave oven and induction hobs
  • HOW TO USE & CLEAN: preheat the empty griddle pan over medium heat for 1 – 2 minutes every time before cooking or each use this allows the food to cook evenly without sticking; To clean wipe the pan with a soft sponge or dishcloth in hot water and rinse; do not use detergents; wipe the pan dry then heat it on stove and allow it to cool; re-season it and now you can store it!
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: No cast iron cookwares are non-stick; they need to be seasoned regularly; to season your griddle plate for gas hob lightly coat the entire cast iron pan (inside & outside) with any vegetable oil spread the oil heat it up using oven at 300F for one hour wipe away access oil and store when cool; your pan is ready to cook the healthiest food ever!