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  • PORTABLE CAMPING STOVE: The exquisite camping stove gas portable is equipped with a portable case you can use the gas stove to cook delicious food anytime and anywhere and can greatly protect the gas stove so that the gas stove is not damaged and can even extend the service life! Suitable for a variety of scenarios: outdoor parties picnics camping travel fishing hiking! Show your cooking talent anytime and anywhere!
  • WINDPROOF RING & EASY TO USE: The gas stove is light safe easy to carry and store. When you want to use the gas stove to cook just put a gas container in the gas box lock it securely turn the switch and then camping stove will easy to light. You can adjust the heat to cook food only takes 3-5 minutes you can boil a litre of water! Full of power the camping stove is well worth buying! In addition Our camping stove is equipped with windproof ring can effectively wind out the wind!
  • PRACTICAL & DURABLE: Our gas stove gas portable is practical good heat dissipation high temperature resistance to ensure safe combustion of gas energy collection and gas saving. Mobile camping stove gas portable brings convenience to life! The camping stove gas portable is very convenient for everyone whether indoors or outdoors! Camping stove is very practical just like a mobile kitchen mobile gas stove lets you cook food anytime and anywhere solving your eating needs.
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY: The safety valve integrated into the gas regulator prevents accidental leakage. The gas box locking system ensures that the gas box is perfectly clamped into the camping stove to prevent gas leakage. When the pressure in the camping stove is too large the overpressure protection valve will automatically cut off the gas to ensure safety. A heating dish with a minimum diameter of 12 cm can be used.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: When you are finished cooking you can remove the support and clean the camping stove and the process is very simple. Camping stove can be used in many scenarios when outdoor party camping picnic travel simple cooking at home you can use our camp stoves! To ensure transportation safety this camping stove does not contain gas container. Don’t hesitate to buy our portable gas stove!