Burner Camping Cooker Outdoor BBQ Camping Stoves Double Stove Propane Gas Burners w/Adjustable Hose 8000W for Patio Camping Barbecue


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  • ✦Excellent Material: We use high-quality iron and copper which are durable and sturdy. It’s rust-resistant anti-wear and has a long service life
  • ✦Double Burner Stove: This product is a double burner stove which doubles the efficiency and enables faster cooking of food. It is suitable for multi-person use barbecue parties etc
  • ✦High Efficiency: The power of this double burner camping stove reaches 8000W on each side which can quickly conduct heat and make food cooked quickly. It is very fast and convenient with a max. flame temperature of 1300℃/2372℉
  • ✦Adjustable Flame: The burner is supplied with two individual knobs and pressure regulating valves to control each specific flame to meet your precise need
  • ✦Easy to Use: This double burner camping stove is easy to operate with a high-pressure regulator hose 0-20psi adjustable regulator and a hose for linking to a propane tank