Boss Grill Tennessee – Charcoal Grill BBQ with Chimney Smoker Function and Cover


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  • Traditional barbecuing made easier. This American style BBQ can do it all; grill smoke and braise food. The built in smoker creates an authentic smoky taste.
  • The barbecue provides a spacious cooking area enough space to cook 10 burgers and 35 sausages all at once.
  • An integrated temperature gauge allows for precision cooking eliminating any guesswork. And with a height adjustable grill controlled by a front crank you�re in full control of the temperature.
  • Easily get your barbecue going with the included charcoal starter. Once your fuels burning you can easily add and adjust the fuel via the front access door. Cleaning up is also a breeze with a dedicated removable grease drawer.
  • The barbecue includes a FREE accessory pack worth �45. This includes some great essentials; fork spatula tongs charcoal starter and a bbq cover.