BEPER P101CUD501 Hot Dog Machine with steam cooking, ABS, 350 W, Red


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  • DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME: With the Beper hot dog machine you can steam many hot dogs to treat yourself to a dinner full of street food. A steaming that will allow you to enjoy in a healthy way even a sandwich embellished with ketchup mustard bbq sauce pickles etc.
  • STEAMING: The hot dog steaming container can also be used for vegetables and eggs. Depending on the need you can use steam cooking to enjoy your favorite dish.
  • DESIGN: The colorful and captivating style is perfect to impress guests during birthdays hot dog evenings and barbecues with friends.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Simply connect the power cable arrange the sausages and wait from 6 to 8 minutes for them to be ready. Insert the bread into the heating rod so that it fits perfectly in the center and remove it after a few minutes. Easy and fun to use!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: At the end of use as soon as the machine has cooled you can remove the container for cleaning and pass the rod with a damp cloth.