Air Fryer Oven, Large Capacity Air Fryers, 12L 1800W, Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation hot air fryer without additional oil, with LED Touch Panel


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  • 🍖【Extra-Large 12L-Capacity】Large capacity of 12L(13 Quart) 80% more cooking space than the standard air fryers. It can hold 4-5lb whole chicken 8″ pizza 4 steaks or 800g French friesallowing you to cook your favorite food without pressure you can make a whole delicious grilled chicken steak pizza barbecue skewers crispy and fragrant French fries as well as burgers and even veggies. Not only can it be served quickly and easily at family dinners but even outdoor events.
  • 🥪【Healthier Lifestyle】This hot digital air fryer uses oil-free hot air for cooking. It uses no frying and does not add extra fat making your food healthier avoiding damage to your body from excess fat intake and allowing you to lead a healthy lifestyle.Reduce fat without compromising the taste of food。
  • 🍟【Intelligent Humanized Design】10 shortcut keys you only need to press the corresponding cooking option button so that you can enjoy delicious food with one click! With 80-200 °C temperature controller and timer function。The large LCD control panel built-in bulb lighting and visual window allow you to clearly see the cooking process of the food. It adopts 360-degree circulation heating and automatically powers off when the door is opened ensuring your safety during cooking.
  • 🥩【Easy to Usage】All tableware is made of high-quality materials that are durable and the accessories are all removable and dishwasher safe so you can enjoy life while being hands-free. 🥰【Note】Since the air fryer components you receive are all brand new we recommend that you air fry or bake some fruit skin oder old meat (preferably not to eat) when you use it for the first time which can effectively absorb and release the “component” flavor and then you can cook whatever you want.
  • 🍞【All-IN-Machine】 Multiple functions in one.This Digital air fryers can not only frying roasting grilling baking roasting drying gratinating and heating also for dehydrating preheating and insulating. Meet your daily needs to the utmost.You can observe the baking situation of the food at any time through the viewing window