60cm Electric Cooker With 4 Solid Plate Hob In White Freestanding – SIA ESCA61W


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  • A convenient separate grill function is incorporated allowing for diverse cooking options. Whether you want a crispy finish on a succulent piece of meat or wish to create golden brown gratins the independent grill function delivers consistent heat for achieving delicious results with ease.
  • The electric single cavity cooker includes a 4-plate hob offering six power levels for precise heat control. This feature allows cooks to adjust the intensity of each burner enabling efficient simmering rapid boiling and everything in between.
  • The SIA freestanding oven boasts generously sized oven cavities providing ample space for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously or accommodating large-sized cookware. Its spacious interiors allow for enhanced versatility and convenience ensuring efficient and enjoyable cooking experiences.
  • 1-year parts and a 1-year labour guarantee are included. This guarantee provides peace of mind and reinforces the oven’s long-term value for the customer.
  • The ESCA61W freestanding oven features intuitively designed and user-friendly controls ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience. With clearly labelled functions responsive buttons and a straightforward interface navigating the oven’s settings becomes effortless.