10 Plates Camp Stove Windshield,Camping Accessories,Foldable Stove Windscreen Folding Aluminum Camping Stove Windscreen with Drawstring Bag for Camping Stoves


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  • Removable Windscreen: The stove windshield has 10 removable plates which can be removed/folded to different size to be installed around different sizes of stove
  • Windproof Design: The camp gas stove is constructed with windshield design provide an efficient prevention to wind improving burning efficiency and saving energy. 9 plate windscreen provides extra wind protection for the stove
  • Convenient Carry: The windscreen can be folded up and stores in the included nylon pouch for more compact storage making it ideal for camping picnics hiking backpacking.
  • Powerful Helper for Outdoor Camping Cooking: Isn’t it frustrating when you’re camping in a windy area and we’re often battling the wind trying to make coffee or cook a meal that takes forever? Now our folding windshield solves this problem the camping stove windshield not only stops the wind from blowing out the flames on the cooker it also stops a lot of heat loss which makes boiling much faster.
  • Perfect for: Mountaineering camping BBQ picnic other outdoor activities. Which will give you plenty of room for not only your stove but also pots and pans.